Established in 2016 by Tiffany Brockington, MUHS is comprised of current Michigan undergraduate HBCU students and recent alumni committed to serving Southeastern Michigan’s most underperforming and statistically at risk students and their schools. Also known as the Syndicate, its commitment to establishing and implementing community programming that showcases the viability of an HBCU education while ensuring its accessibility is a shared value. 

MUHS achieves its goals through the implementation of two campaigns:  “Beat the Odds to an HBCU” and “Greater than an Associate.”  The former campaign primarily centers on the community outreach of local alumni clubs, and the latter requires effective institutional collabo rations between partner schools, HBCUs, and educational advocates to promote adequate accessibility.  Ultimately this initiative seeks out and serves students who would otherwise overlook a college or university that better suits their academic, personal, and professional needs.