Rogí Banks

Rogí J. Banks is a School Psychology doctoral student at Howard University.  A native from Detroit, MI, she graduated valedictorian from Lewis Cass Technical High School and relocated to the nation’s capitol to pursue an educational journey that would support her life long goal of “self-discovery and giving back”.  In 2011, Ms. Banks graduated from Howard University with her B.F.A. degree in Theatre Arts Education and began working as a District of Columbia Public School educator.  The eldest of three siblings, she knew she was destined to work with youth.  Her very first job was at a local daycare at the tender age of 13.  For the past 15 years, Ms. Banks has utilized her self-identified role as a genuine leader to support her family, friends, and the community.  She is a member of various alumni associations including the Cass Tech Alumni Association (CTAA), Howard University Alumni Association (HUAA), and the Gates Millennium Scholars Alumni Association (GMSAA).  A recent inductee into the National Bouchet Graduate Honors Society, Ms. Banks intends to use her training in research, policy, and practice to improve educational success for underrepresented youth and families.  Her current research in school bullying focuses on increasing advocacy for bullies, victims, and witness participants.